Remove Marijuana from Schedule 1 List

One of the most frustrating parts of the fight to achieve legalization has been the Federal designation of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Narcotic with no medicinal value.

With evidence piling up to show that Marijuana, in particular CBDs, does in fact have tremendous medicinal value in treating a wide variety of ailments, it seems like a flight of fantasy to deny it any longer. Yet there are still those who do.

Talking heads like Nancy Grace clearly have a biased agenda, and the inability to make a credible argument to keep Marijuana Schedule 1 hasn’t stopped them from raising the same tired, played out scare tactics from days gone by.

The news from Colorado has completely undermined their hysterical arguments about crime surges and gateway drug status. The facts have proven them to be utterly wrong. In fact, crime is actually down in Colorado. Maybe Nancy Grace needs to burn one and chill out.

But what can we, the average citizen do? Here’s what we can do.

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Remove the Whole Cannabis Plant from Schedule 1 for Medical Research & Patient Access

Research & experience suggest medical cannabis helps with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, GI disorders, PTSD, eczema, Autism, arthritis, and other conditions.

Please remove the whole cannabis plant from the federal government’s banned Schedule 1 list. Extensive research into various whole plant medicinal strains must be allowed to identify the full potential of this therapeutic plant. Research, mostly from other countries, already suggests the compounds in whole plant cannabis strains work synergistically to produce medicinal effects and help reduce side effects. Therefore, limited rescheduling of individual components for cannabinoid-based synthetic drugs alone will not work. Please allow the various strain options for research and medical access.

Click here to visit and sign the petition to remove Marijuana from the Schedule 1 list.

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