Gun Crimes and Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA) Charges

Gun crimes and related firearms charges often come with certain public perception implications even if the accused party has no true guilt or malicious intent. Even misdemeanor gum crimes are treated gravely and with very little leniency – even for upstanding citizens. If you’ve been charged with a gun crime or you suspect that charges may be brought against you, it’s absolutely critical that you call me to discuss this right now. The sooner you take action, the more likely it will be that you and I can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

Gun crimes are taken seriously at all levels of the judicial process and gun related charges can have a lasting impact on your career, family life and public reputation. Therefore, it’s vital to have someone working on your behalf that understands the often complex Pennsylvania gun laws and can effectively produce optimal results for your case. I possess exactly that experience and can help you with all types of gun crimes cases:

*Felon in Possession of a Weapon
In most cases, people with previous felony convictions are barred from owning firearms in the United States. If they are found to be in possession of guns charges may be pressed and enhanced penalties may be imposed if convicted. These types of cases are often referred to the United States Attorney’s Office for federal prosecution. If you are charged as a former felon not to possess it is critical you contact me immediately.
*Concealed Carry Without a Permit
Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit can result in a felony conviction that could bar you from owning or possessing firearms in the future. You can be charged with this offense even if your gun is unloaded.
*Carry or Possession in Unlawful or Restricted Environment
Some buildings such as courts, public libraries, US Postal Service locations, State and Federal Park and others areas may be restricted from carrying concealed weapons even if you have a permit. In these cases ignorance of the restriction isn’t an applicable defense and will require a competent gun crimes attorney to properly manage.
*Aggravated Assault with a Firearm
This charge is used to prosecute individuals who have been accused o assaulting someone with the use of a firearm with the intent to do serious physical harm or injury to that person. An assault charge involving a firearm can involve a mandatory minimum sentence. This is a serious offense that should be addressed carefully.
*Commission of any Felony with a Firearm
Any felony that is convicted with a firearm will almost certainly lead to enhanced sentencing. Fines and jail or even prison time may be mandatory in some cases.
*Restricted or Negligent Discharge
Discharging a weapon within a restricted distance from homes, schools, roads or other places may result in a firearms charge. This can also include negligent, inadvertent or deliberate discharge into occupied houses, vehicles, boats or aircraft.

If you’ve been charged with a firearms violation or you think that you may be charged soon, it’s important that you call me for an immediate consultation. The best defense against gun crimes charges is a proactive, concerted effort led by a veteran attorney who has worked for years with many of the people who will be involved in your case. I’ve been helping Pennsylvania citizens in the courtroom for more than 24 years, and I’m ready to put that experience to work for you right now.


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