It is my pledge to you that I will use my 24 years experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to hold the state to its burden and to protect your rights.



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Drug Cases

Most drug cases are brought against non-violent offenders, but many people in this situation feel as if they are treated like the lowest of bottom feeding criminals.


After 17 years in the field and countless cases under my belt, I can offer you the best chance at an effective defense from DUI charges.

Felony Cases and Homicide

I’ve personally worked on countless felony cases from aggravated assaults to manslaughter and homicide, and I have exactly the experience you need to mount a capable and persuasive defense.

Gun Crimes

PKN Law understands the often complex Pennsylvania gun laws and can effectively produce optimal results for your case.

Sex Offenses

PKN Law understands the consequences of sex offenses and has 2 decades of experience successfully managing such cases.

Federal Criminal Defense

With years of experience, PKN Law understands how sensitive your situation might be if you’ve been charged with a white collar crime.

Appeals, Post-Conviction and Pardons

Just because you have been sentenced doesn’t not mean you must stop fighting. You May have the right to appeal; your conviction and sentence, regardless of whether you were found guilty at trial or if you plead guilty. PKN Law understands federal appellate law and can help you.

Complete solutions – from the start to winning your case at trial.

Incredible representation! He updated me regularly and treated me with respect. He's a real gem. I absolutely would recommend this attorney to others.

Susan H.Client

Honest, hardworking, dependable. Goes all out for clients!!!! A++++

Bethanie J.Client

Free at last! Thank you PKN law.

Andy D.Client

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February 11, 2023

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November 3, 2022

DUI Protections for Pennsylvania’s Medical Cannabis Patients – Closer Than Ever

October 8, 2022

President Biden’s historic announcement on federal cannabis reform – what it does and what it does not do by Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq.

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