Drug Cases

Drug cases are often complicated and can sometimes drag on for months at a time, dragging your name through the mud and impacting your professional and personal relationships. Most drug cases are brought against non-violent offenders, but many people in this situation feel as if they are treated like the lowest of bottom feeding criminals. If drug charges have been brought against you or you feel that they soon will be, you need to take swift action to protect your good name and personal liberties.

I’ve worked on nearly every aspect possible of drug cases for citizens of this Commonwealth in both state and federal court, and I have precisely the resources and experience you need to mount a powerful and effective defense. To get started protecting your best interests right now, call me for an immediate consultation about any of these or other drug cases:

Drug possession is one of the most common types of drug cases. Outcomes of cases like these can vary wildly depending on a great number of mitigating circumstances.
Drug trafficking charges essentially mean that you’ve been accused of selling drugs for a profit. This is a serious crime, and like other crimes can have repercussion in your life even if you’re not guilty. This is why it is critical to call for a consultation as soon as you think that charges have been or might be brought against you – proper defense timing is crucial.
Manufacture is even more serious than trafficking in many cases because this means that you are being tried as the “source” of the drug in question, which can lead to much stiffer sentencing. In Pennsylvania the cultivation of a single marijuana plant is considered “manufacturing marijuana” and is a felony.
Conspiracy is a broad charge related to drug crimes and generally refers to the discussion, planning and preparation for the trafficking, transport, manufacture or distribution of drugs. Conspiracy is one of the most powerful weapons in the United States Attorney’s arsenal. You do not need to know all of your co-conspirators, just one of them. If the Government can show you made an agreement with at least one other Conspiracy member and took any steps in furtherance of that agreement you can be criminally liable for the entire quantity of narcotics attributed to the Conspiracy.
Marijuana laws can be confusing and in some areas of the country they are in a rapid state of evolution. As a result the court systems have become bogged down with thousands of people charged with “soft” marijuana related crimes. Without proper defense, these people may face serious criminal charges that could be quickly reduced or even dismissed with a suitable defense.
This is a very serious offense with significantly enhanced prison sentences and fines.
In most cases paraphernalia charges alone aren’t serious, but still necessitate a qualified attorney. However, in some cases paraphernalia charges are added to other charges in an effort to buy as much bargaining power for the prosecution as possible. Each county in Western Pennsylvania treats paraphernalia charges differently. Even unused glassware or unused syringes can result in a paraphernalia charge.
Because prescription drug charges are almost always a felony, protecting your future is a real issue here considering that a felony will stay with you and affect you for the rest of your life. Immediate action is required.
Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges all typically take a strong stance toward drug crimes that involve harder street drugs like meth, heroin or cocaine.

Drug crimes can result in long prison sentences, stiff fines and lengthy periods of probation and supervision. In order to protect your future, call me right now for an immediate consultation. For more than 17 years I’ve worked hard for the people of Pennsylvania and have developed an intense understanding of how to successfully manage a drug crimes case so that you realize the best possible outcome.

Find out for yourself by calling me today. You need someone in your corner to help you get the best results possible, and there are few people who are better qualified than I to give you the right defense, right now.

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