Felony Cases and Homicide

Felony cases and homicide charges can affect the rest of your life even if you’re entirely innocent. Allegations such as these are grave and should be addressed with the utmost care and timeliness. I’ve personally worked on countless felony cases from aggravated assaults to manslaughter and homicide, and I have exactly the experience you need to mount a capable and persuasive defense.

Felony cases generally come with hefty prison sentences and lifelong ramifications afterward such as years of probation, being barred from owning a firearm, and many other repercussions. Therefore, it’s vital that you contact me as soon as you learn that a threat of charges for felony cases or a homicide is likely. In some cases I can even put a stop to such allegations even before formal charges have been filed. This includes:

Robberies make up an astounding number of the total amount of felony cases tried in the US each year. Robbery charges are brought against individuals for the theft, unauthorized taking or removal of control of property from one individual or entity based on threats of force or actual force used by another. Robberies alleged to have been committed with a firearm can bring lengthy mandatory minimum sentences.
Larceny is theft by a number of different means, generally without the use of violence or weapons. However, many larcenies qualify as felonies, based upon the value of the items stolen and the ultimate intent of the thief.
Burglary charges are generally brought against a person suspected of unlawfully entering a building or other structure – with or without force – for the purpose of committing a theft or other felony charge.
*Motor Vehicle Theft
Motor vehicle theft is a serious problem in the United States, and if you’ve been charged with this or a similar felony, you need immediate representation. These types of felony offenses can include theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and attempted theft.
Perhaps the most serious of all felony cases, homicide charges require a specialized defense team adept at handling such cases, including high profile felony murder cases. Homicide includes Murder in the First Degree, Felony Murder, Murder in the Third Degree as well as Voluntary and Involuntary Manslaughter. The difference between these various grades of homicide can literally be the difference between life in prison or a far shorter prison sentence. Whether the charges have already been brought down or are still “in the works,” contacting my office as quickly as possible will allow us the ability to prepare your case and mitigate as much of the fallout as possible.
*Aggravated Assault
This is defined as an attack against another with the specific intent to do serious physical, bodily harm and to inflict injuries. In most cases aggravated assault felony cases involve the use of some type of weapon. Any violent contact with a police officer, firefighter, emergency medical personnel, etc., can also constitute the crime of Aggravated Assault even if there was no intent to injure.

For 24 years I have served the people of Pennsylvania, and I’m prepared and ready to serve you right now, regardless of what felony charges have been brought against you. Call the number at the top of your screen now and let’s start putting a plan together to ensure that your felony case either never goes to trial or has the best possible outcome for you if it does. The sooner you get started, the more leverage we’ll have to mount a successful defense.


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