DUI Law and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Related Charges

DUI law is a complex field that requires a comprehensive knowledge of Pennsylvania DUI laws and regulations in order to mount a successful defense. There are a number of crimes related to drunken or intoxicated driving, and each must be addressed in a very specific manner that only a proven DUI attorney would understand. After 24 years in the field and countless cases under my belt, I can offer you the best chance at an effective defense from DUI charges.

Furthermore, DUI law and any related charges can have a lasting impact on your career or education considering that many are restricted from driving or seemingly face other penalties before they are even tried in court. Mitigate and prevent these problems by calling me right now. I can help you with DUI law cases related to:

*1st Offense Cases
First offense DUI cases aren’t always easy. In some cases the judge may be lenient, while in others he or she may impose harsh sentencing in order to deter future offenses. Whatever the circumstances may be, professional representation right from the start is essential to gaining the best disposition possible for a 1st offense DUI case.
*2nd Offense Cases
If you’ve been convicted of DUI previously, the charges for a second offense are much more serious and could result in weeks or even months of mandatory jail time. This could have a lasting impact on your future, so you need the best counsel possible who has handled 2nd offense cases successfully.
*3rd and Subsequent Offense Cases
2.) If you’ve had 2 prior convictions for DUI, it’s likely that a third offense will be considered aggravated, resulting in far more substantial fines and jail time.
*Aggravated DUI Charges
There are a number of factors that make a DUI case “aggravated.” In general, this type of DUI charge means that – in addition to the crime of DUI – you also broke other laws. Sentences for such crimes are usually much more severe than a straight DUI charge. The following may classify a DUI as Aggravated:
1.) Driving while under the influence on a suspended, invalid, expired, stolen, altered, forged or otherwise illegitimate license. This can include driving without a license.

2.) If you’re arrested for DUI law related crimes and there are children in the vehicle, aggravated DUI charges are likely. In many cases each child in the vehicle at the time of the DUI incident can warrant a separate charge – often resulting in a number of felony charges for one incident.

DUI laws are constantly being adjusted and bolstered in order to dissuade people from drinking and driving. This includes changes in sentencing guidelines, changes in BAC or blood alcohol level guidelines, adjustments to rules for breathalyzer tests and much more. Therefore, the only logical choice is to work with an attorney that has an intimate understanding of these laws.

I’ve been working with local Pennsylvania people for more than 24 years to help set the balance in all types of criminal cases, and DUI is an area I am exceptionally well-versed in. Allow me to take action on your behalf by calling me right now for a free consultation. I can get you the help and relief that you need from DUI laws, but I can’t do anything if you don’t call.

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