Obama: Marijuana Reform Not On Federal Table

MarijuanaWe had high hopes for 2016 indeed.

A President who freely admits to using marijuana in his younger years.

Legalization and reform happening across the nation, from decriminalization reform right here in Pittsburgh to states like Colorado, where full legalization is reaping huge revenue benefits for the state coffers.

Polls steadily rising for reform on both the recreational and medicinal fronts.

Surely, 2016 would be the year the Federal Government removes marijuana from the Schedule 1 list.

It’s starting to look like a pipe dream now.

Fortunately, the bloviating of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fell on deaf ears when he said if he is elected President, he’ll ‘go after’ states like Colorado. The public is apparently equally deaf to his appeal for the Republican nomination, as he was not even on the proverbial radar in this weeks’ Iowa Caucus.

Even as many of his fellow Republicans have come around on the issue of reform, Christie chose to double down on his anti-marijuana position. The fact that it gained him no momentum and only the briefest of soundbites suggests the public isn’t interested in what he thinks. They are more interested in the success of successful reform in states like Colorado.

obama-tokingOf course, there was never really any hope that a Republican in the White House would lead to reform, but there was a lot of hope when President Obama took office.

We thought he was one of us.

This week the President said it was up to Congress to enact legislation for the reform of marijuana laws. It is not on his agenda.

Stunned silence here.

What? This from the man who has not been reluctant to use his pen to bypass Congress to make things happen? From a President in his final year of office, with the backing of the vast majority of his party and their constituents?

Recent polling shows support for full legalization at 58% and those in favor of Medicinal Marijuana, a staggering 84%! When was the last last time 84% of Americans agreed on anything?

Senator Bernie Sanders has made it clear he supports total legalization. Hillary Clinton has been remarkably silent on the subject unless she has to say anything, and her actual position is still not entirely clear.

As I said earlier, we can’t look to the Republicans to make this happen if they win the White House.

What’s left?

A collective effort by all Americans to make this happen, this year, while there is a President in office who would most likely sign a Marijuana Reform Bill if passed by Congress.

This means we have to bring the fight to our Senators and Congressional representations. The time is now. We must act.

We have to flood their offices with demands that Marijuana be removed from the list of Schedule 1 Narcotics and at the very least, if not legal, then made a Schedule 2 so it’s medicinal benefits can be legally prescribed.

84% of Americans support Medicinal Marijuana. Thousands of people need this medicine to treat and control a wide array of medical conditions.

Contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives and demand they enact legislation on the Federal level this year. They’ve dragged their feet long enough.

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