Halloween Means Stepped Up Police Activity

pittsburgh criminal defense attorneyThis week, the FBI issued a warning to police departments across the country. A group of anarchists supposedly threatened to create disturbances while wearing Halloween costumes and then ambush officers who respond.

However credible this threat is, it’s important to keep in mind that police will be on heightened alert this weekend.

Whenever police officers feel threatened, they’re naturally going to be more cautious and quite possibly, in some cases, more aggressive. They are going to respond quickly and decisively to any threats, real or imagined, regardless of the situation.

Halloween is already problematic for the police, considering there are a rather large number of people running around in disguise, in addition to the usual goings on associated with a holiday like Halloween.

You can bet there will be plenty of officers on the lookout for drunk drivers and anyone who is behaving suspiciously.

It might seem funny to pull a prank, or to drive around wearing a mask, but in light of this FBI warning, I strongly advise people to stop and think about what they’re doing this weekend. The police will already be edgy– don’t make it worse.

Go out, have fun, but keep in mind the police consider this threat very real, and they’re going to respond to situations with the warning in mind.

If you do have an encounter with the police, it’s important to remain calm and respectful. Do not make any threatening gestures, comply readily with requests for ID, etc., and above all, do not provoke them.

If you have any information regarding people who may be planning to ambush police, I urge you to report that activity. You can use anonymous tip lines and you may even save a life.

Everyone please have have a spooky, fun and safe Halloween. And as always, call if you need me.

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