Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and… Marijuana

marijuana law reformAs we’ve been winding down our summer, and the Autumn chill begins to turn the leaves brown, I’ve been thinking about the things we love as a nation, about patriotism and the things we hold to be “American”.

While it’s true that marijuana was once something that came from south of the border, illegally brought to this country by Mexican and South American drug cartels using speed boats and drug mules in the middle of the night, that is no longer the case.

Today it has become increasingly rare to see news stories of vast quantities of weed being interdicted by authorities at border check points, or tales of bales of marijuana floating to the Gulf shores after being jettisoned by smugglers at sea.

The reason for this is simple. America grows better weed than pretty much the rest of the world.

American marijuana enthusiasts rival French wine tasters in their knowledge of marijuana, the various strains, flavors and potency.
American growers are consistently producing a far superior product to anything smuggled across the border.

This has caused potential revenue from smuggling to dwindle to the point of where it is no longer worth the risk. The term, “Mexican Brick Weed” has become completely derogatory, meaning an inferior product no one wants.

Conversely, we’ve seen enormous streams of revenue being produced in states where marijuana is legal. Colorado alone has reaped millions of dollars in tax revenues generated by legal marijuana sales, revenue that is being used to fund education, law enforcement efforts to battle serious crimes, and programs to treat addiction to hard drugs. In fact, Colorado has produced so much revenue from legal weed, they’re even looking at tax rebates for all their citizens.

Not only is there tax revenue, there is also a growing industry providing jobs where there once was only the expenditures associated with interdiction, enforcement and imprisonment.

This is trickle down economics in spades, a veritable flood of revenue and tax relief one would think politicians would wholeheartedly embrace as being American ingenuity and capitalism at it’s finest.

And beyond the financial windfall, there is something else legal marijuana does for all Americans: It takes away a revenue stream from our enemies.

It’s no secret that the money from illegal drug sales often ends up in the hands of foreign enemies bent on destroying the United States. Profits from drugs like heroin become funding for terrorist organizations and even some foreign governments hostile to America.

Legal marijuana, grown by Americans for Americans, regulated by the government for safety and producing tax revenue, is a nightmare for the enemies of freedom.

Maybe you personally do not use marijuana, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that every single person who reads this has a close friend and even family members, who enjoys smoking marijuana. Chances are, you have someone in your life who is ill, and marijuana can be the medicine that they need to control and even eliminate their illness.

The fact is, marijuana prohibition has been a dismal failure, costing the nation billions of dollars over the past fifty years. Prohibition has fueled anti-American groups with funding to carry out attacks on Americans around the world. It has given vast sums of money to criminal organizations like the cartels and has caused the needless incarceration of hundreds of thousands of otherwise law abiding citizens who simply enjoy the mild intoxicating effects of marijuana.

For those who say marijuana is a “Gateway drug”, well, they are right even while being wrong. Rather than being a gateway TO drug abuse, the truth is, Colorado alone has seen a 25% REDUCTION in deaths resulting from the abuse of opioids (both illegal and prescription) since legalization. More and more accredited studies show that legal marijuana actually helps people to get off hard drugs like heroin. And less addicts means less money for our enemies to use against us. It is the gateway to freedom from addiction to hard drugs.

Much like alcohol prohibition in the early part of the twentieth century, marijuana prohibition has in truth benefited criminals the most, while leaving those who need medicine or simply enjoy smoking a little weed before watching Star Trek out to dry, and making them into criminals who in truth hurt no one.

The fact is, Marijuana use is as American as apple pie, and makes apple pie even more enjoyable to eat in the process. Legal marijuana takes away a resource used by our enemies and instead, uses it to create jobs, tax revenue and medicine used by and for Americans.

Legal Marijuana makes America stronger.

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