Letters from my Frustrated Friend: Medicinal Marijuana

marijuana law reformDear Patrick,

I hope all is well. It’s been a while since we talked and frankly, what the hell is going on with Medicinal Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

I have friends who think it’s going to be legalized there this year– completely legalized– there’s that much confusion on the subject.

The last time we spoke, you were encouraged that in the newly elected Governor, you would have a powerful ally in the fight to legalize, yet now, it appears he’s no help at all!

My understanding is that not only is legalization no where close to happening, but now the medicinal bill, the one that everyone was so hopeful would pass, has been gutted to a mere shadow of it’s former self?  That it contains a very limited scope of illnesses that can be treated. Is this true?

I also hear that the main opponents represent districts that have a very small population compared to most districts, and would in fact be impacted the least when compared with large cities like Philly and Pittsburgh. How can someone representing such a minority of voters dictate to the entire state like this? Isn’t this just pandering to their constituents at the expense of people in need of treatment?

I keep reading that pharmaceutical companies are trying to synthesize marijuana as medicine, even while the federal government claims it has no medicinal value in it’s schedule 1 designation. What the hell is going on here? Is it medicine or not?

How can ‘experts’ testify it has no value, but then point out that for-profit companies are trying to find a way to make it themselves?


Jesus, this shit drives me crazy!

Looking forward to your reply,



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