Dear “Frustrated Friend”. Improved medicinal bill may pass after all.

sentencing guidelinesDear FF,

I apologize for my delayed response, but I have been involved in a homicide case, so it’s been difficult to find the time.

Ironically, the delay has actually been helpful as I have some good news for you.

The original senate bill was, as you say, gutted. Many medical conditions were removed, and believe me, we in the legalization movement understand your frustration.

The good news is, many of those conditions that were removed, including Chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease and  diabetes, have been added back in medical Cannabis Act– Senate Bill 3– along with AIDS and HIV.

Delivery methods were also expanded. Vaporization has been included for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures and cancer. Nurse Practitioners will also be able to make recommendations for medical cannabis, under a physician’s supervision.

You’re correct about pharmaceutical companies, but that’s really nothing new. The people who need this medicine cannot wait, and I believe the politicians now realize this.

As for our Governor, don’t be confused. This isn’t something he can do on his own. He must wait for the State House and Senate to act, but he has consistently said he would sign the bill if passed. It looks like he may get his chance very soon.

Tell your friends that although full legalization is still in the future, it has become increasingly likely that Senate Bill 3 will pass this year, and Pennsylvanians will finally have the medicine they so desperately need.

And don’t be mad at the Republicans, as it is Republican State Senator Mike Folmer, Lebanon County, who introduced the bill.

Let’s hope he can convince the rest of his party of the need to put politics aside, and pass this humane legislation.

I wish I could write more, but I really must get back to this case.

Your support is greatly appreciated and be of good cheer. This Wednesday is the Senate vote, where SB3 passed once already, and the House will not be able to table the bill at the end of the current session, as they did last year. They’re most likely going to have to vote, and the results look promising.



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