Medicinal Marijuana- No Laughing Matter

The US Stance on Medical Marijuana is Confusing at BestLast year I moved for early termination of probation for a medicinal user in another county. I was told that the DA got a good laugh out of my suggestion that my client used medicinally for chronic neuropathic pain. I’m guessing he didn’t read the three clinical studies I provided.

Medicinal marijuana is not a joke. 83% of Pennsylvanians support it. The PA Senate passed a medicinal bill 43-7. 23 states and the District of Columbia permit medicinal use.

Just as medicinal use is not a joke, neither is the lifelong consequences of even a misdemeanor conviction. I urge, no, I BEG my colleagues in law enforcement to consider that medicinal use is real and to consider discretion at appropriate times. (Most of you I know personally already do, and I thank you.)

Senator Leach asks For Leniency – Pittsburgh City Paper


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