Marijuana Law: Results May Vary

marijuana law reformThe inconsistencies of Marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 Narcotic under Federal law continue to challenge the sensibilities of both sides in the ongoing debate for legalization.

Today saw two significant developments.

“The third day of hearings on the constitutionality of cannabis’ federal Schedule I status presented further bizarre twists, as both federal prosecutors and NORML’s defense team appeared at times to agree on the medical benefits of cannabis.”

Although this is certainly welcome news, it’s important to note that whatever ‘agreement’ between the contending parties that does exist, it is at best reluctant on the part of the government and at worst, accepted with almost dogmatic predjudice.

The second story illustrates the complete disaster that Schedule 1 status can be in that it encourages criminal activity by virtue of it’s own vaguery and baltant inconsistency with regard to the constitutional protections afforded ALL citizens, regardless of their state of residence.

“Federal agents seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana, 161 pieces of jewelry and $800,000 in cash — including nearly $450,000 stashed in the trunk of a car — from Colorado pot businesses with Colombian ties, according to records obtained by The Denver Post on Wednesday.”

The Attoney General and the President have both indicated they favor repeal of Marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 Narcotic. It’s time they act.



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