Senate Committee Clears SB 1182 for Vote.

A Pennsylvania State Senate Committee has given the green light to proceed with SB 1182. This means Medicinal Marijuana  is one very important step closer to becoming a reality.

We are thrilled about this historic moment as we witness PA’s medicinal marijuana bill move to the full Senate for a vote, with the unanimous support of the Law & Justice committee.

We are particularly excited about the widespread bipartisan support for the “Compassionate Use Act”, as we see Republicans & Democrats coming together to help sick Pennsylvanians.

The fight now moves to the House to build a veto-proof majority in support of HB 2182, the companion bill to SB 1182 recently introduced by Rep. Jim Cox with bipartisan support.

Even though this is a great victory, the war is not over. The Senate has since adjourned and have yet to vote on SB 1182, so it is important to keep the pressure on lawmakers to continue moving forward.

I wish to take a moment to thank the folks here in PA.,  who have steadfastly supported us in this cause. Without your growing numbers, this would not have happened.

You can view my testimony in front of the committee here.

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