This Is About Saving Lives

Once again, we are forced to fight for kids in need of treatment. Real treatment, in which every possible option for their recovery is available to a physician.  Being an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, I can tell you I wouldn’t want an accountant or a doctor handling my trial if I was one of my clients. I would want the very best professional expert in the law available.  Shouldn’t medicine be left up to doctors, and not politicians? Are we really willing to play politics with the lives of sick kids?

This is only one example of the human cost of this madness.

We simply cannot understand the “reefer madness” mentality expressed by some members of our state’s Grand Old Party, exampled in the above Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article. The medicinal marijuana bill pending before the PA State Senate enjoyed widespread bipartisan support and is sponsored by one of the Senate’s most conservative members, Sen. Mike Folmer. With 85% of Pennsylvanians supporting medical marijuana one has to ask just how out of touch with their constituents is the House GOP leadership. Every day Pennsylvanians suffer while their fellow Americans in one of the 22 medical marijuana states have access to safe treatment options, treatment options for which our citizens can be arrested and incarcerated.

Once again, I have traveled to Harrisburg to speak before the state senate committee on the issue of Medicinal Marijuana. Click Here to view the testimony.

PA Senate Medical Marijuana Hearing 06/10/14

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