Medicinal Marijuana: A Constitutional Concern?

Has Medicinal Marijuana become a constitutional issue?
In our defense of a man caught growing Marijuana, we have raised the specter of equal treatment before the law.  Of even greater significance is, the growing evidence that marijuana has legitimate medicinal value, hence, it’s inclusion as a “Schedule 1 Narcotic” the law unconstitutional.

A major part of the legal requirements of being put on the Schedule 1 list is, “No medicinal value.”

The laws of the land are not being enforced fairly and evenly throughout the nation, raising the issue of an individuals constitutional rights being violated through selective prosecution by the State and/or Federal Government.

In addition, the Governor of Pennsylvania’s admission that marijuana does have medicinal value, further undermines the entire Schedule 1 argument, at least in Pennsylvania.

Read about the case in the Tribune Review here.

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