For many years, Pennsylvania state police (as well as those in local municipalities) have used DUI checkpoints as a means of targeting people who are driving under the influence. While this has been proven successful, as seen by the sheer number of arrests, drivers are becoming skilled at avoiding these checkpoints.

Why have checkpoints become less effective with each passing year? One of the main reasons for this is that people are using social media and other means of technology, such as text messaging, to alert friends and family of where checkpoints are setup. This allows drivers who have been drinking to continue their evening of fun while avoiding a potential checkpoint arrest.

Since there is no way of stopping people from sharing this information via social media networks and word of mouth, state police in Westmoreland and Indiana counties are cracking down with the help of a new program known as “Spear.”

The basic gist of this program is simple: PA state police will spend less time and resources on DUI checkpoints in these counties and more time on roving patrols.

In a recent interview with CBS Pittsburgh, state Police Trooper Steve Limani had this to say:

“We’re putting troopers out there that are experienced, specifically, and trained in DUI enforcement. We’re going to be having these guys rove around so that we don’t have to worry about any checkpoints and things of that nature.”

As you can see, the state police are doing more than simply cutting back on checkpoints. They are sending out highly trained DUI enforcement teams to patrol the roads. These troopers know how to spot somebody who is driving under the influence, without stopping them at a checkpoint.

How will the state police in these counties know when to send out roving patrols? While there is no exact science, they will rely on statistics from past years to determine where and when to patrol. Typically, Friday and Saturday evenings into the following morning are when the majority of DUI arrests are made.

With DUI crashes accounting for a third of all deadly crashes in the state, it is important for police to spend more resources in an attempt to lower this rate.

Accused of DUI in Pennsylvania?

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